Calling home should not be expensive

We help you stay in touch with family in the village without paying too much, even if they don’t have good internet. We’ve got everything you need.

All we think about is you

Our Commitment

In this era of massive cross-border migrations, we keep you connected to the people that matter in your lives- Just as if you are home. Staying connected to loved ones shouldn’t be costly!

Pay local rates for international Calls to Nigeria

Local Rates

You are free from all charges. Recharge and go. 

Enjoy your Freedom

Enjoy same rates when you call all networks in Nigeria – both land and mobile phones

Mobile and Land Lines

Your loved ones will be charged local rates when they call your Aston Universe numbers.

Same Rates

Receive Calls with your Nigerian numbers on the go, no roaming charges apply .

Nigerian Numbers

It takes only 5 minutes to your freedom. Breakaway from exorbitant call rates

Easy Setup


No Hidden Charges

Our motivation and drive are to keep family ties strong. No matter where in the world you are, we desire you not to cut communications with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter where they are; you can reach them in the big cities or small villages. Internet or not. Our charges are pocket friendly

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What Our Client’s Say

Dont believe us, here our customers

Aston Universe - cheap calls
Laide Ogundele

My parents are in the village. It was very difficult reaching them when i migrated to Canada as the network in their location in Benue state was horrible. It broke my heart. Thank God for Aston Universe, I don't have to spend so much to reach them now.

Aston Universe - cheap calls
Chukwuemeka Egbeigwe

Thank God for Aston Universe, i can call my father at anytime, contact the foreman on my building site and the cement supplier in the village from Malaysia at a small cost. The best thing about this service is that my workers don't even know if i am in Nigeria or not. I can answer them anywhere and at anytime at no cost.

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Aston Universe
Aston Universe - cheap calls
Aston Universe - cheap calls
Aston Universe - cheap calls

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